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Here’s how it works:

Maximize your
commercial impact

You tell us the indication, we identify the relevant information, set the structure and aggregate the data. The outcome enables you to enhance the performance of your team.

Disease Atlas MONITOR
Maximize your knowledge of a (new) indication
With a dashboard overview of a specific (sub-) indication, it’s never been easier to provide teams with a holistic understanding of:
  • Disease landscape Size & characteristics of a disease, patient cohorts & existing treatment patterns
  • Treatment gaps Identify unmet treatment needs - essential to inform PSPs/PAPs & commercial strategies
Which are the prevelant comorbidities and how are they addressed?
Which are the right HCP groups, clinics & practices to target?
Which regions are underrepresented in terms of care?
commercial insights MONITOR
Optimize HCP prescribing- & patient purchasing behavior
With a dashboard overview of market realities, teams gain comprehensive insights into:
  • Brand perceptions Enhance the value proposition of a product/brand vs competitors
  • Performance Steer and monitor performance & marketing activities
  • High potential regions Optimize sales force steering for HCPs & pharmacists
How does volume distribute across regions & compare to competitors?
What products are HCP groups prescribing & patients buying?
How do public voices correlate with sales developments?
Patient journey MONITOR
Enhance your expertise on patient behaviour & rationales
With a dashboard overview of real-world patient journeys, teams are enabled to optimize:
  • Patient strategies Enhance patient activation & communication
  • Patient support & adherance programs Maximize the value of PSPs/PAPs
  • Budget allocation Optimized budget allocation on most efficient channels & relevant topics
Which patient cohorts talk about which topics in which channels?
What is the level of adherence?
Where are patients switching to and why?

Made and hosted in Germany

Temedica's solutions are made and hosted in Germany. We are fully GDPR compliant and have developed elaborate technical, ethical and legal frameworks to safely and efficiently aggregate vast quantities of data from diverse sources.

When it comes to our proprietary patient-generated data, we collect it responsibly and keep the patients’ interest at the centre of our focus. All data is anonymised and aggregated within regulatory-grade data-protection standards.

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