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Cultivate Commercial Excellence

Our health insights solutions equip your team for peak performance, offering unparalleled insights into patient experiences and life sciences trends. Through our vast dataset and advanced integration, we reveal the full spectrum of treatment and commercial dynamics, paving the way for strategic innovation and effective market entry.

Temedica Ecosystem

Indication & disease mapping

With a dashboard overview of a specific (sub-) indication, it’s never been easier to provide teams with a holistic understanding of:

  • Disease landscape Size & characteristics of a disease, patient cohorts & existing treatment patterns
  • Treatment gaps Identify unmet treatment needs - essential to inform PSPs/PAPs & commercial strategies
  • Forecast input Derive validated assumptions on (un-)treated patient potential & drill-down on (sub-)population of interest to inform target population estimation

Optimize HCP prescribing- & patient purchasing behavior

With a dashboard overview of market realities, complex performance metrics are being translated into comprehensive insights:

  • Market Insights Gather in-depth understanding of adoption drivers & barriers of a product/brand vs. competitors to further validate & shape a unique value proposition
  • Performance Insights Monitor key performance metrics whilst most relevant insights & performance outlooks being provided fully automized
  • Sales Optimization Explore depth & breadth of HCP prescription, uncover hidden champions & ultimately optimize sales force targeting

Enhance your expertise on patient behavior & rationales

With a dashboard overview of real-world patient journeys, teams are enabled to optimize:

  • Product/Brand Positioning Understand market environment & current product/brand positioning in terms of patient characteristics, line of therapy usage & overall treatment paradigm development
  • Patient strategies Enhance patient activation & communication
  • Patient support & adherence programs Maximize the value of PSPs/PAPs

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