Give a little,
Get a lot.

Your benefits at a glance

Gain a 360° patient understanding

We openly welcome all stakeholders in the healthcare system to contribute data to Europe’s largest real-world insights ecosystem. Through data sharing, partners gain access to the most holistic patient understanding possible. With every new contributing partner, we de-silo health data to enable personalized healthcare to become a reality.

Temedica Ecosystem

Stronger and faster together

In collaborating with partners, we have already built a vast database spanning over 50,000 ICD codes to enable valuable insights. With every new partner, all of us are better equipped to tackle chronic illnesses with a deeper understanding of the patient.

In collaborating with Temedica, teams can work faster, more cost-efficiently and more confidently. In following the “give a little, get a lot” data exchange model, we remove existing financial burdens caused by lack of information and instead offer the ability for our partners to gain access to the relevant data they need to make a positive impact on patients’ lives.


What our partners say

Let’s make healthcare better for everyone!