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Crafting the future of personal health.

At Temedica, we use digital technologies to create better outcomes for patients, smarter solutions for physicians and cost-effective strategies for payers.


use at least one digital service for managing their health.


health apps are available in app stores worldwide. 200 new ones become available every day.


annual growth of the market for digital healthcare solutions.

>600 Bn. $

global potential offered by digital healthcare solutions.

Your health - our mission

Latest media articles

January 14, 2020 – Die WirtschaftsWocheexternal

Temedica: Major financial boost for health apps from Munich

WirtschaftsWoche: Temedica secures a Series B financing round of 17 million euros


Die WirtschaftsWoche

September 1, 2019 – Das goldene Blatt

Health insurance funds paying for new pelvic floor training app (in German)

Das Goldene Blatt on pelvina: pelvina helps users to train pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the bladder.


Das goldene Blatt

June 27, 2019 – Gesundheit-on-deexternal

During pregnancy, it's not only the stomach that grows (in German)

During pregnancy quite a physical changes occur - and the pelvic floor is also put under strain. pelvina, an app-based pelvic floor course, tells the user everything they need to know about the pelvic floor, and the theory is backed up with specially designed exercises.


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