The future of health needs real insights.

At Temedica, we run Europe's leading ecosystem for real-world insights in the healthcare sector. We de-silo and combine anonymised health data to provide a 360° patient understanding to all stakeholders of the healthcare system.
Explore the value of real-world evidence with Permea that turns anonymised health data into transformative insights for the life sciences.

Personalised health needs real insights.

We believe that every patient deserves personalised healthcare. However, providing truly personalised solutions requires an in-depth understanding of patients.

At Temedica, we work with patients, life science companies, pharmacies, healthcare providers and other critical healthcare stakeholders to aggregate data which enables a comprehensive real-world understanding. Within the most stringent technical and ethical framework, we employ artificial intelligence to offer all stakeholders within the healthcare system easy access to the latest and most relevant health insights.


Insights at your fingertips.



Permea delivers real-world insights in a highly intuitive dashboard that can be customised to address specific requirements of the pharmaceutical enterprise.

Commercial Insights

Develop highly effective and tailored marketing and sales strategies based on real-world evidence. Characterise your target market by analysing disease and treatment patterns, identify unmet needs and treatment gaps.

Realities of Healthcare Providers

Optimize your brand positioning, monitor marketing performance, and tailor your communication to effectively engage with HCPs and pharmacists.

360° View on Patient

Get a competitive edge by understanding the patient journey to develop targeted marketing strategies, and patient engagement initiatives that address specific needs. Identify the factors that drive patient decisions and use this knowledge to activate patients for successful treatment initiation, compliance, and therapy switches.

Unlock the potential of direct patient access and leverage Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) as a dynamic data source that informs on patient behaviors and outcomes. Enhance patient activation through treatment information, empowering patients to proactively inquire about your treatment options.

Direct Patient Access

Patient-centered and engaging digital companion for all patients in a specific therapeutic area. Involvement & motivation of patients to share their data.

Incorporation of PROs as Data Source

Generation of longitudinal real-world data - addressing patients' behaviours and outcomes.

Patient Activation

Detailed information about existing & new treatments, activating patients to explicitly ask for partner’s treatment options.

What our partners say

Health matters.

So do ethics.

We are committed to the highest ethical and technical standards to ensure maximum patient privacy and data protection. We collect health related data responsibly and keep the patients’ interest at the centre of our focus. All data is anonymised and aggregated within regulatory-grade data-protection standards.

We are at the dawn of a new healthcare era.