The future of health needs real insights.

At Temedica, we run Europe's leading ecosystem for real-world insights in the healthcare sector. We de-silo and combine anonymized health data to provide a 360° understanding of patients and their surrounding markets to all stakeholders of the healthcare system.

Personalized health needs

  • patient generated data.

  • registry data.

  • claims data.

  • real insights.

  • you.

At Temedica, our commitment is to deliver healthcare insights as unique as each individual. We believe that truly personalized solutions stem from a deep understanding of every patient's distinct circumstances. Using the power of AI, GenAI and cutting-edge technology, we analyze data from a wide array of sources, uncovering crucial insights. These insights are made accessible through our user-friendly dashboards, ensuring personalized care is at your fingertips.

Gain a 360° understanding

Our ecosystem empowers you with the most comprehensive understanding of patient experiences and market dynamics available today. Leveraging an extensive dataset from various verified real-world health data sources, we enable data-driven decisions and truly personalized healthcare solutions.

Temedica Ecosystem

Insights for every member of the healthcare system

  • Life Sciences
  • Patients
  • Researchers
  • Partners

What our partners say

Made and hosted in Germany

Temedica's solutions are made and hosted in Germany. We are fully GDPR compliant and have developed elaborate technical, ethical and legal frameworks to safely and efficiently aggregate vast quantities of data from diverse sources.

When it comes to our proprietary patient-generated data, we collect it responsibly and keep the patients’ interest at the centre of our focus. All data is anonymised and aggregated within regulatory-grade data-protection standards.

We are at the dawn of a new healthcare era.