Enhance your market insights with indication specific patient data

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Patient perspectives driving market insights

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Patient Understanding

  • Symptom Occurrence and Severity Deepen your understanding of the actual patients' experiences beyond the metrics tracked in prescriptions and electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Adherence and Persistence Use real-world evidence to compare patients' treatment plans with their actual behaviour for a more nuanced understanding of patients.

Targeted Stakeholder Outreach

  • Tailored Patient Communication Utilize app-derived insights to refine patient communication strategies, addressing specific areas of need and enhancing patient experience.
  • Enhanced KOL Engagements Leverage real-time data to engage with Key Opinion Leaders, ensuring discussions are data-informed and pertinent.
  • Focused HCP Development Employ patient-reported data to bolster Healthcare Professional (HCP) interactions, ensuring their expertise is augmented by current and direct patient experiences.

Real-World Evidence (RWE) Generation

  • RWE-Driven Value Story Development Integrate real-world data into your product narrative to craft compelling educational resources that clearly demonstrate treatment efficacy and patient satisfaction.
  • Amplify Scientific Credentials Fortify your scientific authority by disseminating evidence-based findings and patient-centered research methods in your publications.
  • Competitive Advantage through Patient-Centric Insight Utilize detailed patient-reported data to inform discussions with HCPs, underlining the patient-focused benefits and competitive strengths of your product.

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Made and hosted in Germany

Temedica's solutions are made and hosted in Germany. We are fully GDPR compliant and have developed elaborate technical, ethical and legal frameworks to safely and efficiently aggregate vast quantities of data from diverse sources.

When it comes to our proprietary patient-generated data, we collect it responsibly and keep the patients’ interest at the centre of our focus. All data is anonymized and aggregated within regulatory-grade data-protection standards.

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