Turning Patients

into Partners


The Impact of Patient Self-Reported Outcomes on Healthcare’s Future

Dive into the heart of healthcare innovation with our webinar, ‘Turning Patients

into Partners’. Experience how Patient Self-Reported Outcomes, vital sources of Real-World Evidence, merge with innovative Patient Companion Apps. This synergy is shifting the paradigm from basic data collection to a dynamic patient empowerment model, enriching our insights into patient journeys, medication adherence, and health outcomes.

Relive the webinar with Natalie Joschko, Medical Lead Neuroscience, and Maira Trauzettel, Integrated Strategy Lead Neuroimmunology at Roche Pharma, who have brought to market two successful Patient
Companion Apps in collaboration with Temedica. Together with Christoph Mayer, Account Executive at Temedica, they explored the immense potential of harnessing patient-reported data through advanced companion technologies.


The webinar is conducted in German.

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Learn about:

  • The Dual Power of PROs and Patient Companion Apps
    Discover how these tools not only provide significant life support but also authentically reflect the experiences of patient populations.
  • The Strategic Value of Patient Insights
    Learn about the profound benefits of integrating patient-reported data into healthcare strategies to better meet and exceed patient needs.
  • Exclusive Expertise from Roche on Patient-Centric Approaches
    Hear firsthand from Roche about their strategic use of companion apps, the critical information they collect, and their impact on enhancing care, increasing engagement, and driving research forward.


Webinar Speakers


Natalie Joschko

Medical Leader Neuroscience

Roche Pharma


Maira Trauzettel

Integrated Strategy Lead Neuroimmunology 

Roche Pharma


Christoph Mayer

Account Executive
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