Innovative Partnerships:


Advancing Multiple Sclerosis Care through Collaborative Research and Real-World Evidence

Part I: Early High-Efficacy Approaches Unveiled


Join Temedica and Sandoz-Hexal for a landmark webinar series,  specifically developed for neurologists, healthcare company research teams, and medical and pharmaceutical professionals. This series sets new standards in the care and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Leading researchers Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen and Prof. Dr. med. Peter Flachenecker, together with PD Dr. med. Benjamin Friedrich from Temedica and Dr. Nils-Henning Ness from Sandoz, head this exclusive series. They offer previously unpublished insights into the latest developments in MS research and care.


With Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen, this opening episode focuses on the innovative "hit-hard-and-early" treatment approach for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany, marking a significant departure from traditional escalation therapies. Based on Real-World Evidence, we discuss changes in treatment strategies for MS patients, particularly the early and aggressive implementation of new therapies to improve treatment outcomes.


Event Details:


  • Date & Time: June 18, 18:00 CET

  • Language: The webinar will be held in German

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In just 45 minutes, you will:

  • Dive Deep into Real-World Evidence
    Explore comprehensive analyses that unveil the evolving landscape of MS treatment in Germany, providing a foundation for understanding the shift towards more proactive therapeutic approaches.
  • Understand the Impact of Early Treatment
    Learn how high-efficacy early interventions are not only reshaping patient care but also influencing broader healthcare practices and policy-making.
  • Explore Personalized Care Strategies
    Discover the importance of regional treatment variations and their critical role in developing tailored MS management plans that cater to individual patient needs.
  • Engage with Experts
    Take advantage of the opportunity to interact directly with some of the foremost researchers in the field, enhancing your knowledge and contributing to your professional growth.


Webinar Speakers


Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen

Head of the Center for Clinical Neurosciences & Professor of Clinical Neurosciences

Dresden University Hospital


Dr. Nils-Henning Ness

Medical Science LiaisonManager


PD Dr. med. Benjamin Friedrich

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer


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