First time leading a drug launch?


Grasping the complete Treatment Landscape for market success

Launching a pharmaceutical product requires a granular understanding of the Treatment Landscape. Our much anticipated next webinar in the "First Time Leading a Drug Launch" series addresses a quintessential challenge many pharma leaders face: the overreliance on traditional HCP panels and sales data, which can skew the true market picture. We present an advanced approach to market analysis that broadens your perspective past conventional limits.

For newcomers to drug launch, or those venturing into a new indication, the value of all-encompassing insights is immeasurable. Imagine tapping into a repository of actionable, aggregated insights, thoughtfully designed to align with the distinct demands of your launch and ready for integration into your forecasting.


Join industry leaders Gloria Seibert, CEO and founder of Health Insights
Company Temedica, and Ludger Kempf, Pharma Consultant at Temedica,
as they explore the Treatment Landscape through the lens of the
innovative health insights product, Disease Navigator.


Join the live webinar on April 18, 14:00 CET.


The webinar is held in German.


In just 45 minutes, gain insight into:

  • Surpassing Conventional HCP Panels
    Explore innovative methods for assembling and interpreting sales data, avoiding the limitations of traditional HCP panel approaches that can result in a fragmented market view.
  • Indication-specific Insights
    Obtain targeted insights that resonate with the distinct needs of your launch, enriching your comprehension of the treatment landscape and patient journey.
  • Strategic Data-Driven Forecasting
    Learn the importance of integrating these insights into your evaluation post-launch, as well as their significance to your strategic planning and forecasting.


Webinar Speakers


Gloria Seibert

Founder & CEO

Temedica GmbH


Ludger Kempf

Pharma Consultant
Temedica GmbH
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Companies, that already harness insights
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