Boosting market share growth with the Permea Disease Navigator


The Challenge

A major pharmaceutical company relied on conventional HCP panels to glean insights into disease progression and the patient journey, which informed potential market developments and brand plans. While this method served its purpose, it came with inherent limitations:


  • Cost-intensive: Collaborating with research agencies can often require a regular investment of up to 100k.
  • Limited scope: Typically, input is gathered from a small sample size of only 50-100 doctors.

The Solution

The company turned to Temedica's Permea Disease Navigator and switched from relying on a small HCP sample size to gleaning insights from thousands of patients—providing a holistic view of the entire German market.


Overall impact

The Permea Disease Navigator has significantly enhanced brand planning and confidence in the company's overall strategy, while also ensuring the time and cost-efficiency of gathering the insights.

Key Outcomes
  1. Enhanced Brand Planning
    With the broader insights gained from the Permea Disease Navigator, the company could devise a more detailed and accurate brand plan. The comprehensive data allowed for the calculation of potential growth opportunities in the second line with significantly higher precision.

  2. Increased Confidence
    The company expressed increased confidence in its strategy thanks to the precise market insights provided by the Permea Disease Navigator. These insights have enabled the company to effectively position itself against competitors and make accurate estimations of its market potential.

  3. Time & Cost-Efficiency
    Rather than waiting months for answers from a small number of HCPs, the company had access to immediate, expansive insights, ensuring efficient use of resources and capital.
At a Glance
  • Understanding pharma intricacies
  • Deciphering real data
  • Acquiring detailed insights
  • Unmet needs addressed by developing combination medication
  • Marketing campaigns tailored to resonate with key target audience

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