Uncovering Hidden Business
Opportunities with the
Permea Disease Navigator


The Challenge

Aristo, a leading generic drugs company, was on a mission to better understand the intricacies of the pharmaceutical market. Like many other players in the industry, the company faced challenges with deciphering real-world data and translating it into actionable commercial strategies. Aristo required detailed insights that would not only validate their hypotheses but would also potentially lead to groundbreaking revelations about the company’s market positioning.


The Solution

By integrating Temedica’s Permea Disease Navigator, Aristo harnessed the power of precise and actionable health insights.

Key Insight 1 / Co-prescriptions


The data highlighted a notable trend of high co-prescription of a specific compound alongside one of Aristo’s primary drugs — an insight Aristo hadn’t anticipated.


With this insight, Aristo began building these findings into a compelling use case. The company is now developing a combination medication that addresses unmet market needs, creating a potential new revenue stream.

Key Insight 2 / Demographics


The Permea Disease Navigator provided a surprising insight into the age demographic of Aristo’s patient base. Contrary to an earlier belief that the company was mainly serving a younger demographic, the data indicated an older patient group.


This discovery led Aristo to re-evaluate and adjust its communication strategies. The company is now tailoring marketing campaigns to resonate more with its primary audience, ensuring better patient outreach and increased brand loyalty.

At a Glance
  • Understanding pharma intricacies
  • Deciphering real-world data
  • Acquiring detailed insights
  • Insights into new possible combination medication
  • Marketing campaigns tailored to resonate with key target audience

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