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Get real-world answers to your most relevant questions with an unprecedented level of detail. The Permea Monitor offers healthcare stakeholders actionable insights from various data sources in one intuitive solution.


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Disease Atlas Monitor

Identify unmet treatment needs based on care realities

Permea offers medically sound, actionable health insights addressing every step of the value chain in the life science industry in the form of intuitive pre-researched and populated dashboards.

Uncover treatment patterns & opportunities
Map out representative patient cohorts based on disease and treatment patterns. Identify attractive unmet treatment needs based on care realities.
Maximise your commercial success
Identify underserved areas to steer sales force. Determine and map out prescribing HCP groups to tailor and optimise your communications.
Generate a holistic understanding
Analyse regional prevalence of specific indications. Detect correlations between subscribed medications and co-morbidities to guide product development.
Commercial Insights Monitor

Maximise your market share with Commercial insights

This monitor presents market realities, using advanced data enrichment methodologies tailored for your specific needs and questions, to ensure sales teams can be steered efficiently and marketing can communicate effectively.

Generate meaningful insights
Better understand your consumer and physician base. Determine key factors of your target audience.
Understand the real market share
Identify and analyse key metrics for product performance, patient eligibility, prescribing behaviours and competitive share.
Gain a competitive advantage
Stay ahead of your competition by identifying key decision makers that are essential for driving therapy adoption.
Optimise patient communication
Optimise patient engagement and communication by tailoring your product candidate to meet your patients' needs & preferences. Develop successful accompanying marketing campaigns.
Patient Journey Monitor

Uncover your patients' journey with Permea

This monitor provides a 360° patient view through real-world patient journey data. Giving you the ability to identify perceptions and actions to address (in)compliance, abandonment & therapy switches.
Listen to what your patients are really saying
Identify patient preferences, needs, and expectations of given indications by using Permea's ethical, consensual and responsible social listening and natural language processing methods.
Optimise budget allocation for marketing campaigns
Tailor targeted patient engagement campaigns and relevant communications based on identified reasons for in-compliance, abandonment & switches.
Improve therapy adherence and brand performance
Listen to what your patients are saying about your brand and experience with competitor drugs and identify the reasons for treatment switches.
Identify previously unknown insights
Obtain actionable insights, such as which topics and stakeholders influence your patients' decision journey.

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