Facilitating Treatment Guideline Changes Through Strategic Publications


The Challenge

In the quest to pioneer a new medical indication, a leading global pharmaceutical company embraced a forward-thinking approach. Their strategy hinged on the initial introduction of small molecules, setting the stage for the subsequent launch of a groundbreaking biosimilar.


The objectives of this endeavor were multifaceted:

  • Leveraging scholarly publications for significant medical conferences
  • Enhance communication with healthcare professionals (HCPs)
  • Ultimately, initiate changes in the treatment guidelines

Historical data shows that the introduction of biosimilars frequently leads to revisions in treatment guidelines. In launching their new biosimilar, the pharmaceutical company sought to harness this trend to influence the initial positioning of biological medications effectively. Key to realizing this ambition were strategic publications, which played a crucial role in their overall approach.


The Solution

The company's collaboration with Temedica provided the exact solution they were seeking:

  • A partner that works with them to address specific issues and simplify the process for targeted publications
  • A holistic approach that involved proactive thinking and querying, going beyond mere delivery

Key Insights
  1. Collaborative Approach

    The pharmaceutical player needed a partner who could delve into complex subjects, provide comprehensive data, and simplify intricate processes.

    Teaming up with Temedica, they found a responsive partner that not only delivered but actively participated in thinking and questioning.

  2. Publication as a Strategy

    Publications serve as a powerful tool, influencing a wide range of stakeholders from medical professionals to decision-making bodies.

    With an accepted contribution at an international conference, the company could engage in data-driven discussions with doctors, underlining the potential of such publications.

  3. Changing the Treatment Landscape

    The introduction of biosimilars often leads to treatment guideline revisions, favoring early positioning of biological medications.

    Equipped with the right data and publications, the pharmaceutical company was well-poised to drive this change.
At a Glance
  • Understanding pharma intricacies
  • Deciphering real data
  • Acquiring detailed insights
  • Unmet needs addressed by developing combination medication
  • Marketing campaigns tailored to resonate with key target audience
At a Glance
  • Navigating a new indication
  • Need for a cohesive strategy to initiate guideline changes
  • Effective communication with HCPs
  • Successful collaboration with a proactive partner
  • An accepted contribution at an international conference enabling data-based discussions
  • Potential to reshape the treatment landscape

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