Roche Enhances Medical Communication Strategy with Permea Publications


The Challenge

While publications have always been crucial for Roche, the in-depth analysis of patient-generated data was not systematically accomplished so far. Traditionally, Roche would employ data partners or use registry data for topics related to care reality.


The integration of patient-generated data marked a significant advancement, as this additional data source, when combined with clinical study and registry data, offered deeper insights into the real world of patient care, presenting a more comprehensive picture.


The Solution

Roche partnered with Temedica to leverage the Permea Monitor and Permea Publications, integrating vital patient-generated app data such as PRO data from the indication-specific Brisa app:

1. Novel Perspective:

With the Permea Monitor, Roche accessed additional real-world health data that were pre-aggregated and processed, bringing unique, disease-specific insights.

2. Comprehensive Data Repository: 

Temedica's vast range of data sources acted as a one-stop- shop, offering Roche direct insights into patient experiences, especially through the Brisa app's rich patient-generated data.

With this insight, Aristo began building these findings into a compelling use case. The company is now developing a combination medication that addresses unmet market needs, creating a potential new revenue stream.

3. Direct Data Interaction

By incorporating the Permea Monitor into their suite of resources, Roche has enhanced its capability to navigate through intricate data sets with unparalleled efficiency.


1. Enhanced Credibility:

Observations indicate that the use of the Brisa app may have improved communication platforms with customers, implying the possibility of better interactions with healthcare professionals and more informed patient care decisions, hinting at an enhanced credibility

2. Positive Reception:

Positive Reception: The utilization of Permea Publications within the scientific community appears to have the potential to foster richer scientific discussions and collaborations. Their inclusion in healthcare professionals' presentations and citations may indicate their emerging success and influence.



At a Glance
  • Roche lacked systematic analysis of patient-generated data
  • Traditional use of data partners or registry data were not sufficient
  • Acquiring detailed insights
  • Brisa app enhances communication with healthcare professionals, improving patient care.
  • Permea Publications fosters richer scientific discussions and gains influence through presentations and citations.

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