Understand your market

Empower your commercial strategy

Real-world market insights
  • Follow trends and sales performance of your indication on regional level 
  • Observe competitive market dynamics and medication switches
  • Examine in-depth disease demographics
  • Identify and monitor specialty and location of relevant prescribers
  • Evaluate co-prescriptions and identify unmet needs for targeted patient communication

Real-world evidence at your fingertips

Actionable insights on your market

  • Prevalence by region
  • Diagnosis level per region
  • Demographics such as age and gender
  • Identification of key HCP groups
  • Disease subtypes
  • HCP patient visits
  • Co-morbidities
  • Top medications

Made and hosted in Germany

Temedica's solutions are made and hosted in Germany. We are fully GDPR compliant and have developed elaborate technical, ethical and legal frameworks to safely and efficiently aggregate vast quantities of data from diverse sources.


When it comes to our proprietary patient-generated data, we collect it responsibly and keep the patients' interest at the centre of our focus. All data is anonymised and aggregated within regulatory-grade data-protection standards.

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