February 1, 2019 – Hosenmatz

A daily pelvic floor exercise app for you as a mother (in German)

Expectant and new mothers know all about the importance of the pelvic floor. It“s not only essential to be able to tighten it, but to  properly relax it too.


January 29, 2019 – BR Fernsehenexternal

Apps, Physiotherapy or Surgery: What's best for solving pelvic floor weakness?

Prevention can indeed help avoid many problems if you exercise properly. Kathrin A. is a mother and holds a doctorate in health science. She has tried out pelvina, a pelvic floor training app. She found it really practical. You can choose the times you want to exercise. It also includes exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life once the course is complete.

BR Fernsehen

January 1, 2019 – Pharma Relationsexternal

Separate worlds unite

Healthcare stakeholders offer start-ups different opportunities to develop their ideas and bring their products to market.

Pharma Relations

January 1, 2019 – Hörzu Gesundheit

Pelvic floor app - you exercise, the health insurance fund pays (in German)

A strong pelvic floor helps stop incontinence and protects against reproduction and digestive organ issues. pelvina means users can easily do their pelvic floor exercises at home.

Hörzu Gesundheit

December 6, 2018 – HealthOnexternal

Bladder weakness - a taboo subject. Can apps help? (in German)

Particularly for young mothers, trying to cope with the organizational upheavals of having a child for the first time, it can be difficult attending exercise and classes held at specific times and places. A home exercise app that delivers video-aided guidance and incorporates daily reminders would probably make it be easier to stay tuned. This is the concept behind pelvina, a pelvic floor exercise app certified by the German Central Test Center for Preventative Healthcare more than one year ago.  


December 5, 2018 – femmeexternal

Healthcare funds covering costs of pelvina - a home-based pelvic floor exercise program (in German)

Pelvic floor exercises can also be done properly in the home. Now there“s even an app-based pelvic floor course for the home: pelvina. And it“s even better, because the healthcare insurance funds are covering the costs.


December 1, 2018 – Eltern

All good below deck (in German)

It's never too late to start exercising your pelvic floor. Good news! Now you don“t have to hold in your laugh for fear of bladder weakness.


December 1, 2018 – Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung

Bladder weakness and incontinence (in German)

People are reluctant to openly discuss the subject of urinary incontinence subject. Help is frequently sought online and in the app store.  

Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung

December 1, 2018 – plus Magazin

Strengthen your pelvic floor

Problems with the pelvic floor affect many women. A strong urge to urinate and incontinence are possible consequences.

plus Magazin

December 1, 2018 – Vital

Everything under control (in German)

Bladder weakness can put a strain on everyday life. But it doesn“t have to always be that way. Targeted app-based pelvic floor exercises can help.


December 1, 2018 – Baby & Co

With baby, fit and in shape (in German)

Baby & Co on pelvina: The pelvina app allows users to do their pelvic floor exercises anytime and anywhere, even on the go. And the costs of the program are even covered by your health insurance.

Baby & Co

December 1, 2018 – Blickpunkt Gesundheit

First fully reimbursable app-based pelvic floor program (in German)

pelvina helps women sense their inner body core, and provides them with vital guided pelvic floor muscle exercises. There“s also a free mobile phone holder and training ball as a welcome gift.  

Blickpunkt Gesundheit

August 28, 2019 – BMJ Journalsexternal

Digital health app development standards: a systematic review protocol

Michelle Helena Van Velthoven, James Smith, Glenn Wells, David Brindley

August 28, 2019 – SAGE journalsexternal

Digital health now and in the future: Findings from a participatory design stakeholder workshop

Deborah Lupton

August 28, 2019 – Global Health: Science and Practiceexternal

Digital Health and Health Systems of the Future

Alain Labrique, Lavanya Vasudevan, Garrett Mehl, Ellen Rosskam and Adnan A. Hyder

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