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Unlocking Innovation


How Generative AI Transforms Insights for Life Sciences Commercial Teams

Dive deep into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with our webinar ‘Unlocking Innovation’. This session is crafted to showcase how Generative AI is transforming insights across Life Sciences commercial teams.


Experience firsthand the power of cutting-edge AI technologies in reshaping data interpretation and setting new benchmarks for commercial initiatives within Life Sciences. We'll place a special emphasis on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis, exploring its role in deepening our understanding of customer behaviors and preferences.

Join our AI expert, Alexander Hauswald, VP of Engineering at Temedica, alongside Gloria Seibert, CEO & Founder of Temedica, as they guide you through the critical considerations for integrating AI into your daily work practices.


The webinar is conducted in German.


In just 45 minutes, learn about:

  • How to successfully navigate the AI jungle
    Understand the essential aspects to consider ensuring that AI solutions align with both ethical standards and business objectives.
  • How to be prepared for all the challenges that come with AI
    Delve into the current challenges faced by stakeholders in integrating technologies like NLP, and discuss the changes needed to harness AI’s full potential effectively.
  • How to fuel real-world insights with Gen AI
    Uncover the mechanisms through which technologies like NLP can interpret complex life sciences data to produce actionable insights, especially focusing on sentiment analysis and understanding customer behaviors and preferences.


Webinar Speakers


Gloria Seibert

Founder & CEO


Alexander Hauswald

VP Engineering
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