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First time leading a drug launch?


Letting your patients' voices
guide the way

Shocking but true: 46% of all drug launches don't reach their full potential because they miss one key element — a proper understanding of the patient journey.


Capturing patient insights is challenging, but mastering this crucial aspect can dramatically alter the success of your launch. Indeed, it makes all the difference.


Traditional methods often neglect the patient's view and perspective, leaving critical gaps due to a lack of data. By integrating Patient-Generated Data, you can complement prior knowledge gaps and enhance the patient journey from your patient's point of view.


Join our next 45-minute session in the "First Time Leading a Drug Launch?" series on June 13 at 11:00 CET, where experts Ludger Kempf and PD Dr. med. Benjamin Friedrich will demonstrate the power of Patient-Generated Data on the patient journey. Learn how to effectively generate, analyze, and integrate this data to revolutionize your approach.


The webinar is held in English.



In just 45 minutes, gain insights into:

  • Fundamentals of a Patient Journey
    Explore the core elements that constitute the patient journey and why each segment is crucial for a holistic launch strategy.
  • From Insights to Actions:
    See real-world examples of how actionable data derived from Patient Generated Data has been successfully implemented.
  • Gather post-launch insights with Real-World Evidence
    Learn how to continuously monitor your product's post-launch impact through the strategic application of Real-World Evidence.
Companies, that already harness insights
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Companies, that already harness insights
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Webinar Speakers


PD Dr. med. Benjamin Friedrich

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Temedica GmbH


Ludger Kempf

Pharma Consultant
Temedica GmbH