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First time leading a drug launch?


Strategies for a breakthrough
market entry

Launching a pharmaceutical product marks a defining moment in any pharma leader's career. The journey from drug development to a successful market entry is filled with challenges and opportunities, requiring a deep understanding of the industry, meticulous planning, and precise execution. As the landscape of pharmaceuticals continues to evolve, leaders must navigate through regulatory complexities, market landscape and patient needs to achieve a successful launch.


Our experts Gloria Seibert, CEO and founder of Temedica, and Ludger Kempf, Pharma Consultant at Temedica, will provide a focused 60-minute masterclass to arm you with strategies for a successful launch and sustained impact. 


The webinar is held in German.



In just 60 minutes you will learn how to master your drug launch from concept to market:

  • Master brand launch & lifecycle management
    Explore the essentials of commercializing a pharmaceutical product to enhance your product's market journey.
  • Data-driven decisions & forecasting throughout launch phase & beyond
    Gain insights on utilizing data for strategic brand decisions and forecasting during your launch phase.
  • Gather post-launch insights with Real-World Evidence
    Learn how to continuously monitor your product's post-launch impact through the strategic application of Real-World Evidence.
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Companies, that already harness insights
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Webinar Speakers


Gloria Seibert

Founder & CEO

Temedica GmbH


Ludger Kempf

Pharma Consultant
Temedica GmbH