Rudi Lamprecht
Member of the Expert Advisory Board

Rudi Lamprecht has decades of management experience in the IT industry, spending over 20 years with Hewlett Packard in Europe and North America. Since 1996, he has been a member of the Group Executive Board, a member of the Managing Board and, since 2004, a member of the Corporate Executive Committee of Siemens AG, which he has also represented in several international subsidiaries on administrative and supervisory boards. He is a highly regarded IT expert with a wealth of experience in telecommunications and information technology industries.

In 2009, he founded EWC East-West-Connect GmbH, of which he is CEO and Chairman. Mr. Lamprecht also is a member of various supervisory boards: Chairman of the Supervisory Board HERE (formerly Nokia Maps); President of the Board of Directors of Duagon AG, Switzerland; Board Member (Non-Executive) of Fujitsu Technology Solutions B.V, The Netherlands and Non-Executive Director of, U.K.

Rudi lamprecht