Individual solutions for individual needs


Mineo offers an online platform through which doctors and therapists create individual therapy plans for their patients and monitor their individual recovery progress. Patients can complete therapy units during their inpatient stay and beyond to work flexibly on their recovery.

Mineo has been proven to achieve faster and more sustained therapeutic success. As a registered medical device, Mineo stands for quality, safety and effectiveness.

Mineo will be reimbursable by selected statutory health insurers from spring 2019.

Diabetes Companion

The Diabetes Companion is an app that helps overweight people to lose weight sustainably by integrating healthy eating and exercise routines into their everyday lives. The Diabetes Companion thus helps to prevent diabetes and other diseases that can develop due to obesity.

The Diabetes Companion will be reimbursed up to 100% by health insurances from autumn 2019 onwards.


pelvina is the first certified pelvic floor training via app. In eight interactive course modules, users learn step by step how their pelvic floor is built and how they can visualise and strengthen it. An interactive forum is used for an exchange with certified course leaders and other participants.

pelvina serves as a means for the long-term prevention of pelvic floor-related complaints such as urinary incontinence or back pain. pelvina is reimbursed up to 100% by statutory health insurance in Germany.


Massono addresses the topic of erectile dysfunction in a medically sound, holistic and sustainable way. Over a period of several weeks, users are provided with solutions for proactively addressing erectile dysfunction.

The selection of topics is based on scientifically identified fields of action. They cover the areas body, mind and avoidance enlightenment.

medi companion

medi companion is an app to support patients with lipedema and lymphedema. The app offers a comprehensive health program, consisting of indication-specific information and tips on exercise, the use of medical aids, nutrition and fashion.
The motivation of the users is supported and promoted by using gamification elements.

medi companion was developed in cooperation with medi GmbH & Co. KG.


StartChla deals with the taboo topic chlamydia and offers an information platform for young women. The app answers questions about chlamydia in a simple and understandable way. At the same time, young users receive information how to prevent an infection and how to get tested.

With StartChla, we support young women in actively dealing with their health and obtaining targeted medical support if necessary.