Putting the focus back on the patient


Here at Temedica we develop digital health companions based on sound medical research.

Our digital medical products are designed to be used by patients to accompany them throughout the healing and recovery process, and to ensure they have reliable medical care. Our digital prevention products are designed to ensure that certain diseases do not have the opportunity to develop.

With our product development platform, we continuously develop new products in many therapeutic areas along our pipeline.

Our approach

Using innovative technologies to design the healthcare of the future


Real world evidence

The findings gained from medical data generated in the "real world" - real world evidence - provide us with new insights into the interconnections that surround how diseases and symptoms occur.

New scientific and medical knowledge

At Temedica, our digital companions enable us to have direct contact with our users, continuously giving us new scientific and medical knowledge about the origins and progression of diseases.

Optimize care for our users

This allows us to use these new insights to benefit science, but also to harness this new knowledge to positively influence and optimize the care of our users via our digital companions.


Individual solutions for individual needs


Mineo provides an online platform where doctors and therapists can create individual therapy plans for back pain patients and monitor the progress of their individual recoveries.


Waya helps overweight people to reduce their weight sustainably. They learn how to integrate healthy nutrition and physical exercise programs into their everyday lives.


pelvina is the first certified app-based pelvic floor training program. Eight interactive course modules teach users how their pelvic floor is constructed and how they can visualize and strengthen it.

medi companion

medi companion is an app designed to help patients suffering from lipedema and lymphedema. The app offers a comprehensive health program including information specific to these medical indications as well as tips on exercise, medical aids, nutrition and fashion.

Medical evidence

Scientific findings

At Temedica we are constantly working to improve our products. And because the health of our users is at stake, the medical effectiveness of our products is a clear focus for us. That's why we regularly measure and analyze the actual effectiveness of our digital companions for our users in collaboration with internationally renowned researchers and institutes. We publish and share the results in international medical and scientific journals: so that we can contribute a little to better care every day!

Here we show you a selection of scientific papers that have been published so far about our work at Temedica. In addition, you will find general scientific publications on the topic of digital health to further deepen this innovative topic.

October 1, 2018 – Global Health: Science and Practiceexternal

Digital Health and Health Systems of the Future

External publication

Alain Labrique, Lavanya Vasudevan, Garrett Mehl, Ellen Rosskam and Adnan A. Hyder

Published by
Global Health: Science and Practice, October 2018

July 19, 2018 – BMJ Journalsexternal

Digital health app development standards: a systematic review protocol

External publication

Michelle Helena Van Velthoven, James Smith, Glenn Wells, David Brindley

Published by
BMJ Journals, July 2018

November 9, 2017 – SAGE journalsexternal

Digital health now and in the future: Findings from a participatory design stakeholder workshop

External publication

Deborah Lupton

Published by
SAGE journals, November 2017

Our expertise

Digital companions for a range of different indications

At Temedica, experts from a wide variety of fields are busy improving the health of our users sustainably.

Patient-focused Design

Patient-focused Design

Good design focuses on the purpose. We are always looking to show our users the most intuitive and beautiful solutions.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Our team of experienced data scientists and medical researchers analyze medical efficacy in a constant effort to find improvements and new ways to improve and maintain health.



We look to the most efficient, stable and secure technical solutions to deliver long-term value to our users.

Product Management

Product Management

Our product managers coordinate the development and continuous improvement of our products – always with the user in focus!

Business Development

Business Development

The age of digital healthcare solutions is only just beginning – we are constantly looking for new ways to leverage our expertise and know-how for better healthcare.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Whether it's through our partnerships with health insurance funds or innovative and exciting marketing campaigns (no tired cliched images of pill boxes please!) - we know how best to address our partners and users.




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