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How commercial pharma teams can understand patient care realities

Understanding care realities with a 360° patient view

Understanding care realities with a 360° patient view

Current launch approaches, including the ones involving heavy market analysis, often fall short of providing a 360° patient view on care realities. According to Deloitte46% of failed product launches that missed the mark happened due to an inadequate perception of market and patient needs. For example: understanding the types of patients who might respond well to a new drug or treatment, but also which health care providers (HCPs) would be high or low prescribers for this product candidate.  

Many launch strategies fail to consider key questions, such as:  

  • Which doctors are the ones speaking to patients of a certain indication, and how often are these patients visiting their HCPs?
  • Which therapy is often prescribed for what condition by which HCP?
  • Which medicine tends to be prescribed outside of the care plan?
  • Which doctors are patients referred to most?  

A team equipped with this level of insights will know which HCPs they should be meeting. For example, if a marketing and sales team is focused on specialists such as neurologists - but data shows that general practitioners are visited more often and consequently prescribe more - then arranging more meetings with general practitioners would be the better strategy of outreach focus. 

The opportunities held within the sphere of understanding care realities will enable commercial teams to work more efficiently in order to reach their quotas.  

Insights that generate a holistic understanding of care reality per therapeutic area across regions and over time, enable commercial teams to: 

  • Map patient demographics to optimise patient communication
  • Understand prescribing HCP groups to steer sales force 
  • Analyse regional prevalence of specific indications
  • Detect correlations between subscribed medications & co-morbidities
  • Identify underserved areas
  • So, how do commercial teams gain access to these insights?

Easy: talk to us. Temedica leads Europe’s largest ecosystem for real world insights, which enables the entire healthcare system to better understand care realities and more. For commercial pharma-teams, Temedica offers Permea: a real world insights platform consisting of intuitive, pre-populated dashboards with the de-siloed, aggregated data required for a complete understanding of patient realities. 

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